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Heat Vents are not usually thought of as a real decorating ticket item, but with the quality materials and expert craftsmanship we put in our vents,  they can certainly become the focal point of any room!  Whatever your style, we've got you covered. From a bungalow to a custom mansion, a rustic retreat, or an upscale townhouse, or the loft of your dreams  - you will have a real air to you -  what a way to flow!
Many matching return air grilles are also available. You can see them in a new window at www.returnairgrilles.com 
Since you asked: we are located in Spokane, Washington, which is pacific time. 

Metal Wood
craftsman style eggcrate heat vents
mission style geometric vents
summit style geometric flush mount
Historic cast iron heat vents Rickenbacker style
opera grilles baseboard vents
turn of the century kitchen cabinet toe kick
Turner collection Olympia slatted grilles
Sunset Boulevard Quick ship wood vents
Industrial warehouse  
Unity cast iron vents  
university Resin
mountain scenes California Mission
pacific style  
cast bronze  
tuxedo collection  
Pickford style grilles  

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Your neighbors, friends and family will wonder where in the world you have been shopping in order to renovate your home so beautifully.  Dare you tell them the source of you stunning new updates? You might want to decide beforehand, because we know - they will ask! We often call our registers jewelry for the home and we all love jewelry, don't we? Grab a glass of wine, or a cup of cocoa and spend a while pondering what you want to do with our heat vents to add beauty and value to your home. The styles and pricing are all over the board, so you will have some decisions to make. Who thought that an air duct could be an opportunity to bring beauty into your home while making a statement of your own personal style too.

These warm and inviting sources for air are have the prospect of setting your home apart from the others! Some questions you may want to ask yourself while sipping your coffee, do I have a heavy traffic area, that needs something sturdy and attractive? A perfect option could be the wonderful solid cast bronze designs, that include the Sunset Boulevard, Signal Hill or Bell Foundry pattern. We are talking attractive heat vents here. Say you have a hole in the wall and want something eye-catching, don't miss the Opera Grilles, stunning, but not something you would want to set a grand piano on, as they are constructed of aluminum. All of our heat vents have outstanding quality, we don't sell junk! We think you will be pleasantly surprised by the detailed workmanship and high quality materials that our products are constructed of, no play house plastic here!

A lighter weight wood in a attractive scroll pattern fits wonderfully in a wall from yesterday, or you can even create a cover for a speaker, or cabinet with some of these designs, then keep going and match your heat vent - the possibilities are endless. Please just because it is a heat register doesn't mean it has to be a heat register! Note, If you feel that some of this is above your head, or you just don't feel like going there, please feel free to have your builder or contractor give us a call - we work with them all the time. They can get things going on your behalf as we have sign-off sheets for your approval. Give them our number, and tell them what styles you are interested in and we can take care of all the details. So there's no need to feel overwhelmed, but be sure to give yourself some extra time as some of the custom work can take a bit longer. 

Don't be shy if you have some sort of unusual situation, as we more that likely we will be able to help you out. Some of the metal materials that we offer are: Bronze, aluminum, nickel, copper, steel, and more in a variety of finishes and powder coatings. The wood selection is extensive with oak, fir, maple, hickory, pine, bamboo, and many, many more, including tons of exotics.  

Occasionally they are referred to as heat ducts, or perhaps, heat registers, cold air returns and  just plain old grilles. But, whatever you call them, even if it's heating vents, we have the holes in your floor covered. Another site that might hold some interest to you and you might  want to visit is is found here: www.crafthome.com, it is a great source for those who are sprucing up or renovating a craftsman style home.